Barbecues are the best.

I really enjoy yakiniku. There’s something pleasurable about having to watch your food (making sure it doesn’t burn) while you eat.

It requires you to stay mindful and present. Your mind doesn’t wander, you have no time to check your phone. It’s just you, the pit, and the meat.

Nasi lemak

So simple but so delicious.

When made right, nasi lemak (direct translation: fat rice) is a gloriously rich and flavourful dish.

I could do without the ikan bilis (fried anchovies) but the nuts, cucumber and sambal (a kind of chilli paste) are a must. Replace the hard boiled egg with a sunny side up and I’m satisfied.


Time is always fleeting.

I spent the day with my mom today. And I was reminded that money can be earned, work is never-ending and clients are replaceable.

But time is fleeting. Loved ones won’t be around forever, and they are irreplaceable.