Valentine’s Day

V-day’s origins are both romantic and violent.

Ming and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day – the whole dinner, chocolates and flowers thing is not a treat for me.

But this year, we did something that was truly the best date we could have had. We went behind the scenes of an e-commerce company, whose busiest day of the year is v-day, and worked together the entire day.

What an adventure. What an experience!


I’ve had religion on my mind a lot lately.

For years (before I added food & drink to the mix), I’ve had two main topics of interest: sex and religion.

This year, I’m having the opportunity to explore the topic of religion further. As someone a-religious with a love for the mystic arts, this is like dream work for me.


You can have a cheese platter for brunch.

I am a huge fan of eating in-between meals. I’m more likely to have brunch and tea than I am to have lunch and dinner.

I like the idea of not having to constrain myself to types of foods, or cuisines. (Who says rice isn’t breakfast food?)

If we simply ate whenever we were hungry, should we just stop labelling our meals?


Do I need therapy? Or just someone to talk to.

One of the people who reads this blog told me that my posts this year are more like tweets. They’re too short, he said (I’m paraphrasing).

There’s a reason I’ve been taking this track. Instead of blogging, I want to pour all of my insights and feelings — destructive or otherwise — into the fiction I’m working on this year.