Have never really been fond of flowers but I’m learning to understand them.

I’ve always associated the smell of flowers with death and mourning, probably because of my earliest exposure to cut flowers.

I’d take the smell of rain and fresh cut grass over flowers any day. But in the past year, I’ve been working with a company that handles flowers on a daily basis.

I’ve had to learn more about flowers – how to tell stories about them, how to paint them (with words) in the best light.

And gradually, I’ve learned to appreciate them.


The title of my morning alarm ringtone is By the Seaside.

I’m a night owl. I struggle to wake up early. Some people say that one has to wake up early to be successful but I think it’s better to figure out what works for you.

Work when you’re most productive!


One of my favourite types of pickles is pickled radish.

Pickles have the power to elevate a simple dish (like rice porridge) into something wonderful.

Since we eat pickles with almost every meal, Ming and I have begun making our own. It’s so simple to do, I wonder why we didn’t start doing this earlier.

Our go-to recipe for pickled radish is: Equal parts simple syrup and apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of pink salt.

When eating especially fatty dishes, I sometimes sip on the leftover brine just to cut the fat a little.


Some days I’m nocturnal

One thing I’ve learned in the last year is that sleep is valuable. The hustle culture sometimes romanticises sleeping four hours a night.

It’s not sustainable. On nights when I do stay up late, I try to let myself sleep in.