Do I need therapy? Or just someone to talk to.

One of the people who reads this blog told me that my posts this year are more like tweets. They’re too short, he said (I’m paraphrasing).

There’s a reason I’ve been taking this track. Instead of blogging, I want to pour all of my insights and feelings — destructive or otherwise — into the fiction I’m working on this year.


I expected the traditional Chinese doctor to look like this.

I went to see a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner today… for my skin issues (some kind of eczema).

I expected an old man with bushy eyebrows and a long beard. Instead, the doctor looked like he could have been one of my classmates in uni.

We spoke in Malay, because my Chinese doesn’t go as far as to be able to talk about health issues.

I wonder how many other people experience this ie. an inability to speak one’s mother tongue.

There are days when I wonder what stories my grandmother could tell me, if only I knew enough of my dialect to speak to her.

Some days, it hits me that I will never really know my grandmother. I don’t even know how to express how sad that makes me feel.


I’m getting a headache from looking at this. LOL!

And just like that, a week has gone by.

This week, I had multiple Chinese New Year gatherings with friends and family. Being around so many people at the same time can be a challenge for me but I try to remind myself that family is a blessing.

In between all the dong dong dong chiang, I worked. This year, one of my projects includes managing a program for journalists (and media practitioners) who tell religion-related stories. We had our first needs assessment meeting this week.

I’ve also been working on an outline for a collection of short stories. And I did a full-day SEO sprint with one of my clients.

Somehow, I managed to find time to clock in 20 hours of Stardew Valley and get through half a season of The Ghost Bride.

Does it surprise you that this blog has been quiet? But hopefully, I’ll be writing a bit more here in the coming weeks (and months).