Nasi lemak

So simple but so delicious.

When made right, nasi lemak (direct translation: fat rice) is a gloriously rich and flavourful dish.

I could do without the ikan bilis (fried anchovies) but the nuts, cucumber and sambal (a kind of chilli paste) are a must. Replace the hard boiled egg with a sunny side up and I’m satisfied.


Time is always fleeting.

I spent the day with my mom today. And I was reminded that money can be earned, work is never-ending and clients are replaceable.

But time is fleeting. Loved ones won’t be around forever, and they are irreplaceable.


I still dream of fresh prawns dipped in soy sauce.

Whenever we say we’re going to eat seafood, I immediately think of the prawns I had when I visited Manila in 2007.

So fresh that they didn’t need seasoning or added flavours, the prawns had flesh that was both sweet and firm. I ate some plain, I ate some dipped in soy sauce. I’ve never had prawn that delicious since.

Valentine’s Day

V-day’s origins are both romantic and violent.

Ming and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day – the whole dinner, chocolates and flowers thing is not a treat for me.

But this year, we did something that was truly the best date we could have had. We went behind the scenes of an e-commerce company, whose busiest day of the year is v-day, and worked together the entire day.

What an adventure. What an experience!