I’m getting a headache from looking at this. LOL!

And just like that, a week has gone by.

This week, I had multiple Chinese New Year gatherings with friends and family. Being around so many people at the same time can be a challenge for me but I try to remind myself that family is a blessing.

In between all the dong dong dong chiang, I worked. This year, one of my projects includes managing a program for journalists (and media practitioners) who tell religion-related stories. We had our first needs assessment meeting this week.

I’ve also been working on an outline for a collection of short stories. And I did a full-day SEO sprint with one of my clients.

Somehow, I managed to find time to clock in 20 hours of Stardew Valley and get through half a season of The Ghost Bride.

Does it surprise you that this blog has been quiet? But hopefully, I’ll be writing a bit more here in the coming weeks (and months).

Sims 4

Every year, I tell myself I’ll take a week off to play The Sims.

I’ve been experiencing a strong desire to start playing computer games again. If I ever manage to take a long enough period off work, I know what I’ll be doing.

Travel has become work. A real holiday for me is not having to go anywhere.