This is that.

A round-up of and casual commentary on things I’m reading, listening to, watching or thinking about.

Eating is overrated.

Every time I eat a meal that’s supposedly “really good”, I think about Kate Moss’ famous quote: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Foie gras, 10-course molecular gastronomy, a delectable Sunday brunch – all of which totally amazing when in the moment – weigh me down post-consumption. Everything feels too greasy, too heavy, too rich.

There is a much deeper satisfaction in a small bowl of plain oats, biscuits dipped in Milo, a cube of cheese.

“Ugly” is relative.

We often think that the story The Ugly Duckling is about an unattractive person coming into his/her own ie. transforming to become something beautiful. We think it’s a story about appearances.

However, could you really compare the beauty of the duck, to the beauty of the swan? They are both beautiful and/or “ugly” in their own way.

I like to think that The Ugly Duckling is a story about finding your tribe, the people who can appreciate and embrace your “ugly”. It’s a story about finding a place you belong.

Losing is learning.

I finally had the opportunity to catch up on the third season of Food Wars, a Japanese anime in which the protagonist Yukihira Soma wants to become the top chef in an elite cooking school.

The thing about Soma is, he has no raw talent. Compared to some of his other classmates, he doesn’t have a superb sense of smell or a “god tongue”. And yet, he has no fear of losing.

He keeps pushing himself, understanding that losing to someone better, means that he gets to learn from them.